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Beaver Scouts @ Fairmilehead (114th Braid)

Beaver Scouts is for young people, both boys and girls, aged between 6 and 8 years old.  Beavers is all about fun and friendship!  There are lots of different activities to try and badges to gain.  There are many fun and exciting things for Beaver Scouts to do including making things, outdoor activities, singing, playing games, going on visits, investigating nature, listening to stories, learning how to be safe and, most importantantly, making new friends!


Beavers is the start of many children's scouting adventures, with most moving up to Cubs when they turn 8 years old.


At Fairmilehead Scout group we have two Beaver Colonies – Foxspring and Swanspring - both of which meet in the Church Halls on a Monday evening from 6.00 pm – 7.00 pm.


Please note that both of our Beaver Colonies are currently full. To add your son or daughters name to our Beaver Scout Waiting List please contact Liz Russell on 0131 447 6517.  Boys and Girls joining the waiting list must be at least 5 years old.

Our Beaver Colonies...

Joining the Beaver Colony...

If you know a boy or girl who wants to come to Beavers, get in touch with Liz Russell on 0131 447 6517 to add your child to our waiting list.  Both our colonies are currently full with 24 young people in each one.


When a new Beaver has visited the colony a few times and they are ready to join officially  we have a short ceremony called an ‘investiture.’  This is when they make their Beaver Scout Promise by repeating it after the Beaver Scout Leader. Click below to learn all you need to know about the Beaver Scout Promise.

Registered Charity Number. SC003561

Badges & Awards...

Beaver scouts can earn different types of badges. Below are a few explanations about them.  To find out more about the individual badges and to see the up-to-date requirements click on the badge images below.

...Core Badges

These include the badges that are presented to a beaver when they join the colony and represent where a beaver is from, and their membership of the Scout Association.

...Activity Badges

These badges recognise a beaver's progression in existing activities or in a new activity that they have been trying for the first time.

There are now 19 different beaver activity badges to try!

(These badges are circular and yellow with a dark blue border.)

...Staged Activity Badges

There are now 14 different staged activity badges that can be earned whether a young person is a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer - based on their level of ability or experience.  These include the Nights Away Badge which records how many nights a young person has been away with scouting.

(These badges are circular and light blue with a purple border.)

...Challenge Awards

The 6 Beaver Challenge Awards are achieved by completing a number of more ambitious tasks within the colony. Most of the work for these is completed through taking an active part in our programme of activities but a few may require some extra work out with our normal beaver nights.

(These badges are hexagonal and red with a dark border.)

...Chief Scout's Bronze Award

This is the highest award a Beaver can achieve before moving onto Cubs.  Beavers gain this award by achieving all 6 Challenge Awards and achieving 4 different activity badges or stage activity badges of their choice.

Download the latest

Swanspring programme...

(members only) 

Download the latest Foxspring programme...

(members only) 

Parents of Beavers from our group can contact the relevant Beaver Leaders by emailing David at [email protected] or Luke at [email protected]


Anyone else who wants to contact the Scout Group should contact our Group Scout Leader at: [email protected]

Getting in touch...

Where do all these badges go?!

Download our useful guide - click here

New beavers who join the colony need to buy a blue beaver jumper.  The Scout Group will provide a tartan neckerchief and all the badges.

The nearest shop that sells beaver jumpers is the Edinburgh Guide Shop at 16 Coates Cresecent.  The map on the right shows where it is.

Alternatively you can buy them online from Scout Shops by clicking here.

Where to buy the uniform?

guide shop map

The Beaver Scout Promise & Motto

Some useful links...

Scout Sign


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